How to Eat Less and Control Your Appitite Without Drugs/medicine

If you're reading this, you probably live in a country with an overabundance of food. Controlling the amount of food one eats is often very difficult, especially since instincts tell us to stock up on food when its available. However, it is possible to control hunger naturally.

Be sure to eat breakfast every day. You've heard many times that breakfast is the most important meal, so this seems cliche. However, eating regularly will help you control your hunger.
Keep track of foods that actually fill you up. This will vary from person to person. In my case, foods high in protein tend to keep me from feeling hungry for a long time, whereas greasy can fill up my stomach but I will still want to eat more.

Eat filling foods first, especially those foods that are both filling and healthful.
Eat slowly. Eating too fast will keep your body from telling you its full until its too late.
When eating a meal, give yourself a portion about two thirds the size of your usual portion. After you have completed eating it, don't give yourself a second serving immediately even if you are still hungry, but rather, set a timer for 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes, do not eat anything. It takes about 20 minutes for your body's hunger mechanism to tell you that your full. After the 20 minutes are up, you can eat the remaining one third of a portion if you're still hungry, but you may find that you are no longer hungry. In which case, don't eat it!

Copyright 2009 by Michael Nehring