Welcome to Michael's How-To.
The internet is a wonderful resource for information. Whenever I need to know something, I look it up online. Similarly, whenever I have some tips that I think someone could use, I put them online. This website is a collection of some of those tips written in a how-to format.

Please navigate to any of the categories to see articles in those categories. You can also look at any of the following article highlights. (It's only a sampling, however.)

How to Budget Money for Annual Expenses
How to find Dave Ramsey's ELP (endorsed local provider)
How to make vegan Devils Food Cake without weird ingredients
How to Determine The Popularity of a Baby Name
How to do Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps
How to Write a Monthly Personal Budget for a Variable Income
How to sell a car that you are upside down in (where you owe more than the car is worth)
How to Eat Less and Control Your Appitite Without Drugs/medicine
How to find (some) bargains on eBay
How to determine if a bank account is FDIC insured
How to Live On a Food Stamps Food Budget
How to get out of debt using Dave Ramsey's debt snowball
How to Calculate The Rate of Return for Gold
How to find houses for sale in Raleigh, North Carolina
How to invest for retirement in the United States (without relying on Social Security)
How to lose weight
How to write a monthly personal budget using Google Docs Spreadsheets
How to Pay Off Your Home Mortgage Early
How to Get a Mortgage Without a Credit History
How to find old copies of webpages
How to Find Free Alternatives to Popular Software Programs
How to find public real estate records online
How to Retire by 40
How to Invest in the S&P 500
How to Save Money On Electricity
How to save money with Skype
How to Sleep Better Without Drugs or Medications
How to Avoid The Stomach Flu
How to Wash Your Hands

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